Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Zyb.com, managing your mobile's data

Zyb.com offers mobile phone users the chance to:

"Get a backup of your mobile data and get instant online access to your mobile's contacts and calendar... By signing up, you'll be able to store, manage and even share your mobile's content online with friends within minutes. No cables or downloads needed."

It's a free service, and it works well enough to have attracted over 3,000,000 synchronisations.

Warning: It does require a mobile phone that are just a little more sophisticated than my 'stylishly retro' Nokia 6210!


Can Opener Boy said...

Hi Brett,

My Motorola RAZR is syncing as I type this -- thanks for the link!

(and there are not over 3,000,000 subscribers, there are over 3,000,000 contacts which have been synced)

~ Keith

brett jordan said...

Glad it worked for you keith... my daughter had less success with her samsung d600, and my co-director couldn't get his XDA IIi to sync either.

Oh, and thanks for the correction... fixed.

Gareth said...

Sorry to be sceptical on this - but why does a company set up a facility to help everyone out - all for free unless they are going to get something out of it?

I see that they are working on a link to Outlook, but I am worried that once they have loads of info, lots of mobile numbers - how about them selling the numbers for spam SMS?

brett jordan said...

Hi Gareth. I understand your concerns.

I heard about zyb from someone in the telecoms industry. What I do know is that it is a venture capital funded project in its third phase, and aims to make money from 'corporate services', charging money to facilitate similar services to large companies.

According to the info on the site itself:

ZYB was founded in 2005 by three entrepreneurs from Copenhagen (Tommy Ahlers, Morten Lund, and Ole Kristensen). The desire was (and still is) to secure mobile data and enhance usability of phones by allowing people to share and manage data online. The founders wanted to offer as many features, including the back-up itself, for free.

ZYB is based in Copenhagen. Tommy Ahlers is CEO of ZYB and the board of directors consists of Henrik Albertsen (CEO Nordic Venture Partners), Preben Damgaard (co-founder of Damgaard and former EVP at Microsoft), Torben Haase (CEO of Excitor) and Tommy Ahlers.

Jay said...

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