Saturday, December 23, 2006

Town attempts to ban Santa

The Register reports: [edited]

The Pennsylvania town of Hazleton has declared its intention to enforce controversial illegal immigration legislation by banning Santa from its boundaries this Xmas.

The "No Santa for Hazleton" campaign is the latest manifestation of the town's "Illegal Immigrant Relief Act", passed earlier this year, which "attracted national attention by imposing penalties on businesses and landlords to deter them from hiring or renting rooms to illegal immigrants".

The 'No Santa for Hazleton' website declares:

The people of Hazleton, PA are proud to announce a citizen-organized public awareness campaign called "No Santa for Hazleton." The campaign will use Santa Claus' status as America's most-loved illegal worker to demonstrate Hazleton's new "zero tolerance" policy toward illegal aliens.

The site further quotes Hazleton's mayor Lou Barletta as saying: "Santa is a dangerous idea whose reign must be put to an end."

Mercifully for Hazleton's children, the authorities will not be able to pop a cap in Father Christmas's illegal ass this Xmas, since the Illegal Immigrant Relief Act has been "temporarily blocked by a federal judge pending a lawsuit against the town brought by immigrant supporters, including the American Civil Liberties Union".

A hearing in 2007 will decide Santa's fate.


Simon said...

Oh - Dear - God - What are they thinking!? This is political correctness gone completelty wrong! Just think of those poor alienated kids :|

Major Look said...

I think Hazleton has got it right.

It's about time we started to clear up these urban myths once and for all.

Let's tell the kids there's no santa and lets tell them that there is no money at the end of a rainbow.

Let's take all the fun out of being a kid - because we can!!

BTW - I hope santa doesn't read this reply.

Santa Claus said...

I read it... and, for the record, you've been on my blacklist for some time Mr Look