Friday, December 22, 2006

Military technology 'trickle down' reports: [edited]

A surprising amount of the cool stuff we use every day has its origins in research done by the likes of NASA and the military. Big governments are often willing to shell out the big bucks to give their fighting forces and space programs a technological edge, and while few of us will ever encounter the resulting products in their original form, almost all of us use some of the ├╝bercool gear that's a direct spin off from this research.

All that's well and good, but it begs the question, "What's to come?" The government and the military are constantly developing new technologies, but which ones in the works right now have the potential to change the lives of us civilians? We looked at the gadgets the boys in E Ring (and others) have been hatching up and picked out nine favourites that we want to see go domestic.

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