Monday, August 07, 2006

The gravity of convenience

Since the early 1990s, I have worked my way through three versions of the original model Toyota Previa. There are many reasons that I consider it the best MPV produced, one of them being its ability to comfortably transport myself, my four kidz, AND their luggage when we go away on holidays.

However if we had been strapped for space this year there is one bag I could have left behind, the one that contains my digital SLR and all its accessories.

I took hundreds of photos during my two week break with the kidz, but all of them were captured with my recently acquired Fuji F30.

There are a few things I missed about the SLR, including picture quality, operation ergonomics, zoom range and the ability to control depth of field. However on the two occasions when I did contemplate lugging the SLR with me, the convenience of popping the F30 in my pocket won me over.

Once again convenience has been the deciding factor in me adopting a technology. CDs didn't sound much better than the LPs I owned, but they were more convenient to use. My iPod doesn't sound (quite) as good as the CD player in my car, but it beats carrying 600 CDs around with me.

And the list goes on... microwave cooking, instant coffee... am I on the slippery slope to accepting second-best, or am I getting smarter, re-aligning my priorities to free-up time to devote to more important things?

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