Friday, February 10, 2006

Furby Evolves!

Furby's inventor Caleb Chung's latest creation is called Pleo. Modelled on a one-week old Camarsaurus, it has been engineered to mimic life with organic movement and behaviors that allow him to relate to humanity on a personal level. Pleo is able to use simultaneous sensory inputs along with a sophisticated behavioral platform to act independently and express himself through motion and sound. Pleo can convey emotions, is aware of himself and his surroundings, and evolves in behaviour over time.

Features include:
• 14 servo joints with force feedback
• 38 touch, sound, light and tilt sensors
• Quadruped motion
• Ability to avoid obstacles and not walk off edges
• Sound sensors and music beat detection
• Autonomous interaction with owner and environment
• 11 actions, inc. coughing, blinking, sighing...
• 17 distinct moods, inc. anger, boredom, playfulness...
• Upgradeable operating system
• SD card memory expansion
• Ability to communicate with other 'related' life forms

Pleo is expected to be available for Autumn 2006 for about £120 ($200). For more information visit


Sky Jordan said...

He'd make a nice playmate for Chipz! :D

brett jordan said...

For those who don't know the Jordanz, Chipz is our pet AIBO ERS210 (

Major Look said...

'Pleo can convey emotions'

I assume that means he looks like he can convey emotions - else he would be a real animal!!

Or does he have a nano-soul? ;-)

brett jordan said...

Dear Mr Look,

If you were around to see reaction of teenage girls to Chipz doing his karate moves you'd know that these things may not have emotions, but they really can convey emotions :-)