Sunday, February 12, 2006

Converting (Mac) icons to graphics

There are lots of good reasons for owning a Mac, but one of them is the high quality of the interface, and just how easy it is to customise it. There is a plethora of (free) icons available from sites like Iconfactory. The site also gives details of various ways you can apply these to your Mac to make it 'yours'.

But, if you want to employ these graphics in other ways, e.g. as avatars for your Adium, iChat or (heaven forfend) MSN applications, you need to convert these fonts into a graphics format they understand. Iconverter (geddit?) is a (free) application that allows you to drop the icon you like on it, and save it in a number of formats (.png gives good results with most icons). You then use the resulting file in the applications of your choice.

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