Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Digital handwritten fonts, a new oxymoron?

There comes a time in every designer's life when a handwritten look is required. Even in the age of digital, the best way to get a handwritten look is to write it by hand, scan it, and drop it into the document you are preparing. But if changes are likely to be required, or if you are preparing stuff in a hurry (or if you are just plain lazy) a well-produced typeface can make a very good substitute.

Recently I came across a site with a number of very usable free handwritten fonts (along with many very unusable ones). free-fonts.com is the site. If you like any of the above examples they are, from top to bottom...

• In His Hands
• Monika
• Angelina
• Jane Austen
• Jayne Print
• Journal

A couple of them are restricted to prevent them being embedded in files like PDFs, so do check before you commit to using them in this way. Oh, and if you're using an image-editing program, a soupcon of gaussian blur will help the text appear more homespun.

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Jason Clark said...

given my handwriting looks like a drunken spider from an crawling out of an inkwell...this could come in handy! thanks.