Thursday, February 07, 2019

Gocycle GX

Cycling Weekly reports: [edited]

Whereas the Gocycle GS and G3 e-bikes have removable wheels and a single-sided chainstay to allow you to fold them into a compact package, the Gocycle GX has a hinge in the middle of its frame. The 17.8kg Gocycle GX features 20 inch wheels and a rear shock. Geometry mirrors a standard bike.

Opening the hinge folds the bike in half. The two wheels end up aligned, making it easy to wheel the folded bike around. Leaving the saddle up provides a handle to push it with. The folded bike sits on the integrated kickstand.

Like Gocycle’s other models, the Gocycle GX is powered by a 250 watt front hub motor, with a 300Wh battery enclosed in the frame. There’s a battery level gauge integrated in the bar and Gocycle says range is up to 60 miles on a charge. The three speed gearing and chainline for the back wheel are completely enclosed and maintenance-free.

It can be fitted with Gocycle’s exiting accessory range, which includes lights, mudguards, and luggage. It pairs via Bluetooth with Gocycle’s Connect app, which lets you customise power modes as well as providing ride and battery stats.

Price: £2899

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