Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Coolar - Solar Powered Refrigeration

Coolar reports: [edited]

The Coolar system uses warm water generated through solar energy. It has no moving parts, hazardous cooling fluids or lubricants.

It employs the following cooling cycle...

1. Evaporation: Part of the water evaporates in the evaporator due to low pressure in the system. The resulting evaporation cooling effect cools the storage compartment.

2. Adsorption: An adsorbent binds the water vapour to its surface and frees up space in the evaporator, allowing more water to evaporate, multiplying the cooling effect.

3. Drying: When the adsorbent’s surface is saturated, cooling temporarily pauses.

4. Condensation: By heating, the adsorbent is dried and vapour is released from its surface. The vapour condenses and flows back into the evaporator.

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