Monday, July 25, 2016

Glif Redux

Studio Neat reports: [edited]

Almost 6 years ago, we launched the Glif, a tripod mount for the iPhone 4, on Kickstarter.

The landscape for smartphone photography has changed dramatically since we launched the original Glif. With each successive smartphone, the camera is getting more and more incredible. The smartphone has become a legitimate tool, for photographers, filmmakers, and mobile journalists. Our goal is to create the best tripod mount for smartphones. We are focusing on three areas...

1: An innovative quick release mechanism
The quick release lever, when opened, allows the jaws to move freely, making it easy to quickly load or remove your device. When you close the lever, it automatically tightens around your device, resulting in a secure connection.

2: Portrait and Landscape
With things like panoramic photos, Periscope streams, and Snapchat, smartphones have legitimised portrait orientation. The Glif has a side mounted tripod mount, which allows devices to be mounted directly in portrait orientation.

3: Extendability
The Glif has a total of 3 tripod mounts, one on the bottom, one on the side, and one on the top. These allow you to add additional accessories, like a microphone or light.

The Glif can hold devices from 58 mm to 99 mm width, from a naked iPhone SE to an iPhone 6 Plus with a really thick case on it. In all likelihood, your device will fit.

For more information visit Kickstarter.

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