Thursday, May 05, 2016

Desolenator – Clean Water On Wheels

The Guardian reports: [edited]

The Desolenator, measuring 120cm by 90cm, is a solar panel that converts sunlight into electricity, and uses heat captured from the sun to supplement the process. Water flows over the panel to bring it to a high temperature. It then flows into a small boiler in the device, powered by the electricity produced from the solar panel, and is converted to steam. The steam is then cooled, and the waste flows out of the machine.

Boiling the water gets rid of pollutants such as arsenic and fluoride, and the device can cope with dirty water.

It can produce 15 litres of distilled water in a day, enough to sustain a family for cooking and drinking.

The first commercial versions are expected to be in operation in India early next year, after field tests are carried out.

In the developing world, the price will depend on what deals aid organisations can negotiate. In developed countries, it is likely to cost £685.


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