Friday, May 20, 2016

Boosted 2nd Generation Electric Skateboard

The Verge reports: [edited]

The new version looks almost exactly the same as the original, but it offers swappable batteries (including longer-range options), a better Bluetooth connection with the remote, and a water-resistant build.

The extended-range battery weighs about 350 grams (or about three-quarters of a pound) more than the standard version, and is about 8mm thicker. The wheels are also a little bigger this time around, measuring 80mm versus 75mm. But Dastoor says the new boards have lighter drivetrains which should keep them from weighing much more than their predecessors.

The only other cosmetic change is the addition of two power ports, meaning customers will have to do less work if they want to rig up things like on-board lights.

There are now two Bluetooth radios in the board — the previous versions only had one, which meant you could only connect one device (your phone or the remote) to the board at a time. Building in two radios takes away the need to constantly disconnect and connect those devices, and also opens up opportunities for things like ride-tracking using your phone or live telemetry on something like an Apple Watch.

The Single (one electric motor) will cost $999, the Dual (two motors) $1,299, and the Dual+ (two more powerful motors) $1,499.

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