Thursday, April 14, 2016

BBC iPlayer Kids

BBC reports: [edited]

We knew from developing the BBC iPlayer website for children that parents value having a version of iPlayer that’s guaranteed to be free of programming aimed at adults.

We decided to create a single app that enables kids to tell the app their age and instantly be presented with content curated specially for their age group. With support for up to four profiles, we’ve made it easy for siblings to use the app on a shared device, entering their name and picking a character to denote their profile.

There’s a Shows area with full A-Z lists of all CBeebies and CBBC programmes available to watch. And a Downloads area, providing easy access to programmes downloaded to watch offline.

App Settings (disabling downloads, enabling higher quality downloads) and links out of the app, are behind a Safety Lock.

BBC iPlayer Kids is available to download from the Amazon, Apple and Google Play app stores.

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