Thursday, September 24, 2015

Pebble Time Round

The Guardian reports: [edited]

The Pebble Time Round is a new version of its highly-rated Time smartwatch. It is 7.5mm deep and weighs 28g (cf: Apple Watch 10.5mm/40g).

The colour epaper screen is always on and always readable, including in direct light or the dark thanks to an LED backlight. It connects to iPhone and Android devices, displaying notifications, controlling music and other smartphone features remotely and running Pebble apps.

The Time Round comes in three colours and with either a 14mm or 20mm band. Unlike the Time or the Time Steel, which lasts up to 150 hours per charge, the Round’s battery only lasts up to two days – but charges in 30 minutes as opposed to the Time Steel’s two hours.

It will be available in the US from November costing from $249 (£163), with a UK release coming later this year and Europe in 2016.

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