Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Microsoft Office Lens for iOS and Android

c|net reports: [edited]

Office Lens, a scanning app that's been a hit on Windows Phone, is coming to iOS and Android. The free App allows users to take pictures of receipts, business cards, whiteboards, sticky notes and export them to OneNote, Microsoft's note-taking app, as well as Word, Powerpoint, PDF, Mail & Photo Library.

Office Lens automatically crops, enhances and cleans up images. It also enables users to search for key words in the images via optical character recognition.

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Conrad Gempf said...

It's worth mentioning, probably, that you cannot use OCR unless and until you have registered and received a Microsoft account. Without that it still will photograph and auto-crop and allow you to e-mail or save the resulting image.

The main competitors on the App Store (and on my phone) are Scanbot and Pixter.