Thursday, February 26, 2015

Pebble Time

The Register reports: [edited]

Pebble put its first colour screen smartwatch on sale on Kickstarter – and raised $5.4m from 26,000 backers in just a few hours.

The wrist-puter will eventually go on sale in shops at $199, and is due to ship in May.

The 9.5mm-thick Pebble Time has a back-lit colour e-paper Gorilla Glass screen that's apparently readable in daylight, has up to seven days of battery life, comes in one of three casing colours (black, white and red), and has full compatibility with all previous Pebble apps.

It can use any standard 22mm wristband, is water resistant, has three control buttons, a microphone, and silent vibrating alarms. It needs to talk to an iOS 8 iPhone 4s or newer, or an Android 4.0+ phone, to get messages, email and other information from the internet over Bluetooth.

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