Monday, December 08, 2014

Desolanator reports: [edited]

Billions of people lack a plentiful supply of clean drinking water.

But we have worked out a way to help them. We want to create water from sunshine!

We have created the Desolenator - the first easy to use, low cost, solar powered water desalination system that can make any type of water - including sea water - drinkable.

We have the solution available right now. We just need funding and support to get it developed and shipped to the people who need it.

We have started an Indiegogo campaign asking for investment to help us begin to manufacture the Desolenator. But we also to help create a movement. A group of passionate individuals and communities that understand that water is one of the key issues for the world and want to do as much as they can to help ensure that no one on the planet goes thirsty.

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