Monday, September 22, 2014

iPhone eye test spots vision problems

++++++++ reports: [edited]

The World Health Organization estimates that 246 million people have poor vision. Of these, about 90 per cent live in low-income areas without good access to healthcare or expensive diagnostic machines.

To solve this problem Smart Vision Labs has combined two tools often used for eye tests into a single inexpensive and portable device. The first tool, an autorefractor, calculates whether someone is short-sighted or long-sighted, and to what extent, by measuring the size and shape of their eye. The second, an aberrometer, looks for distortions in how light reflects off the eye, which could indicate rarer problems such as double vision.

This equipment usually costs thousands of dollars, but Smart Vision Labs says it has made a device with the same functions that clips onto an iPhone. It can estimate vision problems by taking a handful of pictures of a person's eye and using software to analyse them. The company plans to sell it as part of a low-cost kit for people in developing countries.

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