Tuesday, August 12, 2014


core 77 reports: [edited]

OwnPhones are wireless 3D printed headphones modelled to your own ears. And there's no mail-in ear putty involved. You gather your ears' data points using your smartphone, their app, and an object used for size-reference.

These wireless headphones offer good sound quality and fit, but are also customizable in intense ways. There are four types available: Fit, Designer Fit, Smart Fit and Jewelry. Those correspond with basic 3D-printed plastic blob looks, more complex printed shapes, futuristic glowing cyborg styles with added processing power, and jewellery in precious metals.

OwnPhones sport a built-in microphone for calls, Bluetooth 4.0, app-controlled variable noise cancellation and the ability to set exceptions for specific sounds (like an alarm clock) so you never ever have to take them off. There are even optional colored LEDs that can signal whether you're available or busy, stoplight style.

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