Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Denny Bike

engadget reports: [edited]

The Denny (built by fabricator Taylor Sizemore) sports a minimalist frame, which hides the tech packed inside. There's an electric motor on the front hub (with a removable battery) to boost your hill-climbing. That's married with a computer controlled automatic shifter that automatically adjusts to ride conditions. To combat showers, it uses a simple device with rubber bristles to break up the water, rather than a fender.

The Denny also has safety features like daytime running lights, brake lights and turn signals activated by bumping the brake handles. The handlebars function as either a nifty quick locking system, or detach fully to secure the frame and back wheel.

For now, the bike remains experimental as part of the Oregon Manifest Bike Design Project. However, whichever bike wins the contest will go into production, and previous champs like the Faraday Porteur have lived on as crowdfunded production models.


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