Thursday, June 26, 2014

Moto 360 Smartwatch First Look

Engadget reports: [edited]

The Moto 360 strikes a stunning pose on your wrist, particularly in its stainless steel (as opposed to black) garb. Fit and finish of the devices we saw was top notch. The chamfered edges of both the glass covering the screen and that metal housing lend it a luxurious look and feel, and the thick, split leather strap is premium, too.

We thought it odd that the company .

We asked Lior Ron, Motorola's wearable products lead, why the Moto 360 has the glass extend beyond the watch's metal housing, when the trend in mobile screens is for there to be zero gap between the surface of the glass and the pixels beneath them. He informed us that it's a 'nod to the premium watch aesthetic' as many premium watches have chamfered glass.

It has the added benefit of showing off the circular display to the fullest - looking closely reveals that pixels are packed from edge to edge.

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