Thursday, June 19, 2014

Adobe Ink & Slide for iPad

Wired reports: [edited]

Ink and Slide are a stylus and straight rule. They work with a pair of iPad apps specifically created to take advantage of the new tools’ capabilities. Overall, the stylus and straightedge are at least as capable as similar iOS accessories, and among the best looking. The apps, however, aren’t terribly intuitive.

Ink looks like a 21st century space pen. Its body is a single aluminum tube hydroformed into a twisted triangular prism. At its back end, white plastic rings its metallic charging receptors, which in turn encircle translucent plastic that diffuses colourful, customizable LED light when the pen is turned on.

The tip resembles an analogue pen or pencil, with a 2mm black capacitive touch tip ringed by metallic silver and shiny white plastic. The tip is hard plastic, rather than the rubbery stuff a lot of stylii use. The stylus is not much heavier than a traditional ballpoint.

Ink fits in a triangular combined carrying case and charger. Plug the back end of the stylus into the lid of the case, slide the pen inside the body of the case, then connect this charging container to a micro USB. The case, made of white plastic, has a matching LED-illuminated ring on the lid that glows while it’s plugged in.

Slide shares a similar aesthetic: brushed aluminium, a single circular button carved onto one end, and white plastic below. Inside Slide houses three magnets. One at either end allows the iPad to detect when the straightedge is placed on its surface, while a third can be activated with a button press to change settings.

Ink and Slide cost $200 and are available now, while the apps, Line and Sketch, are free from the App Store with a Creative Cloud log-in.

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