Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Zero SR 2014

Gizmag has published an extensive (and ecstatic) review of Zero Motorcycles' latest leccy bike.

Snippets follow:

"The Zero puts out just under 70 peak horsepower and a monstrous 106 ft-lbs of torque. That's about 10 percent more than the 1200cc EBR 1190RX, the current torque king of the superbike world. Its kerb weight is 205 kg. But the bike feels much, much smaller and lighter than that. A decent comparison in the petrol world might be something the size and handling feel of a nimble 250cc nakedbike, but with the power of a 600."

"The performance and acceleration feel absolutely excessive in the way all the best bikes do. There's no clutch or gears, it's pure simplicity to ride, provided you can keep the slim rear tire from spinning up in the wet."

"It dispatches traffic in the blink of an eye and hits 60 mph in a brutal 3.3 seconds. The power is abundant and predictable. There's no power band or sweet spot, there's just instant, whooshing acceleration on tap at all times."

"There's almost no engine braking in sports mode, but you can dial that up through a Bluetooth-connected mobile app that lets you set peak power, top speed, regenerative braking and 'engine braking' parameters through your phone. A display on the dash shows how much power and torque you're putting out when you're on the throttle, and how much you're pulling back in on the brakes."

"The range is 135 miles if you ride it gently, and well over 60 miles if you're giving it an absolute gumboot full... where it's really going to shine is as a power commuter."

"There is of course a downside. The SR retails for $17,000 or $19,500 with an extra 2.8 kWh 'power tank' battery stuck in the storage area you'd normally expect to put your petrol in. That means that in America the standard SR is about $10,000 more than, say, a Kawasaki Ninja 650."

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