Thursday, May 08, 2014

Huawei Ascend P7

The Register reports: [edited]

Huawei took the No 3 spot in smartphones last year – pushing aside Sony, HTC and Nokia – but it’s still practically unheard of as a smartphone brand in the UK. But that could change with the launch of its latest flagship model, the Ascend P7, unveiled today in Paris.

The P7 manages to squeeze in LTE Cat4 (meaning up to 150Mbps download speed thanks to dual antennas) into a very well-designed, 6.5mm-thick 5-inch full HD phone, weighing just 123g. And with a before-taxes-and-subsidies price of €449, it undercuts rivals substantially.

The P7 is extravagantly well-crafted and boasts a slim profile – it's 6.5mm thick – with a narrower bezel than the heavyweight rivals.

The 4G handset uses Huawei’s own HiTech CPU – but leans on Sony for the primary camera module, and Altek for a customised discrete ISP that reduces noise and generally improves results in very low light conditions. The f/2.0 primary camera is complemented by an 8MP five-piece lens front camera – all the better to take your selfie. It can also stitch together several photos for a "panoramic selfie". This is how pressing First World Problems are solved.

There is a dual SIM version – and when you’re not using the second SIM slot, it’ll take a MicroSD card. More likely to be used is the low power mode, squeezing one full day of standby, calls and texts from the final 10 per cent of a power cycle. The 2500mAh battery should last into a second day.

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