Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Phantom Vision 2+

DIY Photography reports: [edited]

DJI Phantom quadcopters are drones that take videos and photos from up in the air, like any basic helicopter shot you’ll see in movies. They’re effective, durable, and stay where they need to stay even if the wind is against them. And now the company is announcing their newest addition to the line: the Phantom Vision 2+.

Like the previous DJI Phantom 2, this drone will feature a 14 megapixel camera that can film 1080p at 30 fps. Where the Phantom Vision 2+ really improves is in how well it works: it’s claimed to be able to keep its position in the air at wind speeds of up to 25mph. Along with the stabilisation it gets from that department, it’ll also have integrated in it a 3 axis stabiliser.

The Phantom Vision 2+ comes with an app on both iOS and Android that enables you to shoot and watch at the same time, and you can do that with the drone up to as much as 2,300 feet away from you. The battery will give you 25 minutes of flying time on a full charge.

So what about when it’s that far away and the battery’s dying? Or what if you lose signal with it? You’re covered. The Phantom automatically enables a “Return to Home” feature where it returns to the home GPS spot that you establish for it beforehand.

Price: $1299


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