Monday, March 17, 2014

Transporter Sync

Transporter reports: [edited]

Transporter Sync turns any external USB drive into your own private cloud. Featuring sync, access, share and protect functionality in a compact form-factor starting at just $99 with no monthly fees.

Most cloud storage solutions require you to move all your files to a specific folder to sync across devices. This can be a real hassle with applications that save files to default locations. The Transporter Special Folder feature allows you to sync files directly from popular desktop, documents, movies, music, and picture locations.

Selective Sync gives you the flexibility to select only the folders you want to be synced to your computer. This feature is especially handy for saving space on computers with small hard drives and is ideal for households and businesses with multiple computers.

Mobile phones have become the camera of choice for capturing life’s special moments, but this convenience has resulted in phones that are constantly running out of storage space. The camera auto-upload feature allows you to pick your favorite location (home, office, etc.) and anytime your phone connects to that network, newly added photos and videos will be automatically synced to your Transporter.

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