Monday, March 10, 2014

Miracle Machine

Los Angeles Times reports: [edited]

Want to be a winemaker? With the new Miracle Machine, it's easier than you think.
There's no need to buy a winery. All you need are a few ingredients, the soon-to-launch Miracle Machine smartphone app and the Miracle Machine. It's a tabletop device that turns grape concentrate, yeast and a couple other ingredients into wine.

You'll be able to choose from six wine types that include full-bodied Cabertnet Sauvignon, rich Chardonnay from Napa Valley, cool-climate Pinot Noir from Oregon, aged Tuscan blend from Italy, Sauvignon Blanc from Sonoma and a delicate red and white from Burgundy.

Sync your smartphone to the app and the Miracle Machine's fermentation chamber gets to work making the wine. It uses electric sensors, transducers, heaters and pumps to create a controlled environment for the first and second fermentation stages.

The refractometer measures the sugar content, a ceramic air-diffuser pumps filtered air to aerate the wine and soften the tannins, and the transducer is used to speed up the wine's flavour development.

The Miracle Machine will cost $499. James and Boyer plan to sell the wine ingredient kits through their website and on Amazon. The two also plan to launch a $10 monthly wine club to supply members enough kits to make a couple bottles a month.

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