Friday, February 07, 2014

Parajet SkyRunner

Wired reports: [edited]

This car can fly - and you can order it today for £75,000. Launched in the UK in January, the Parajet SkyRunner was designed by British aviation engineer Gilo Cardozo and his team at Dorset-based Parajet Industries; it is a high-speed off-road car which turns into a paraglider that can fly at 88kph at up to 15,000 feet. "It's a new type of recreational machine - the only flying car you can actually go out and buy," says Cardozo.

The SkyRunner is made of carbon fibre, titanium and aluminium. Before takeoff, a 0.2mm-thick nylon polymer wing is unfolded from the boot and laid out behind the car, and a switch in the cockpit disengages the wheels and powers up a three-bladed propellor. When the car reaches 60kph, the parachute wing rises up, and you have liftoff.

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