Friday, February 28, 2014


BBC reports: [edited]

The world's longest aircraft has just been unveiled in Britain's biggest aircraft hangar. The unique, aerodynamic shape of the helium-filled balloon means it can generate lift just like an aeroplane wing.

This enables the designers to make the machine heavier than air, which cuts the need to have dozens of crew hanging on to ropes holding it down every time you land. In fact, you can land it via remote control, on water.

With a length of 92 metres the new airship is 20 metres longer than a Boeing 747-8.

It costs £60m and the designers are planning an even bigger version that will eventually be able to carry 50 tonnes at a time.

It is 70% greener than a cargo plane. It doesn't need a runway, just two crew. And it can plonk 50 tonnes anywhere in the world you like, which is 50 times more than a helicopter.

The HAV, which has been named Airlander, could ferry tonnes of supplies to and from any disaster zone, day in and day out. All you would need is a crew of two and a patch of ground, or water on which to land.

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