Monday, December 02, 2013


The Next Web reports: [edited]

Boomf prints Instagram photos on vanilla-flavoured marshmallows and sends them to you in the mail.

You connect your Instagram account to the Boomf website, select nine images, pay £12 and they’re sent to your UK address.

As the Web app for ordering them connects to your Instagram account to access the photos, you won’t be able to use a friend’s photos on their own gift.

- - - - -

Editor's Note: I ordered a pack. The process is painless, especially if you have a PayPal account. The package arrived a couple of days later. The presentation is good, and the printing perfectly acceptable. However, there is currently no facility for adding a personalised message, which I think is a major oversight. I Tweeted this to Boomf, and they replied with a reassuring "coming soon, my friend!".

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