Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Brooks Cambium C17 Bicycle Saddle

Fast Company reports: [edited]

A Brooks bicycle saddle, like a baseball glove, or a pair of leather boots, needs to be broken in. It's part of the charm of a heritage brand: rich, stalwart materials mould to you over time, and last for years.

One problem: The 127-year-old company's bike saddles, when new, were making riders' butts hurt. And not every one wants to wait for the comfort that other products might afford instantly. So Brooks approached Ideo for help on a new (and, yes, bottom-friendly) line of saddles.

Brooks chose a vulcanised rubber base, with organic cotton lining (that’s wicked for waterproofing – something the old seats didn't have). The result is a bike seat that has all the aesthetic pedigree of the original leather models, minus the aching derriere. Male and female models are available for €145.

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