Wednesday, October 16, 2013

LightZone now Open Source

Digital Photography Review reports: [edited]

LightZone is powerful raw image file developer and editing software, with a polished, pleasant user interface and decent help files. Online forum support is available and it has a growing, active user community.

LightZone 4.0 is now Free (as in Freedom) software and it is available from under a BSD license for Windows, Mac and Linux.

LightZone uses the dcraw library to open raw files, software that is well maintained and periodically updated.


Conrad Gempf said...

Have you used it, Brett? What would the average person use it for, compared to, say, PhotoshopElements or Acorn?

brett jordan said...

hi conrad,

i haven't used it, and don't intend to as i already own lightroom

from the many positive reviews, it would appear to be a powerful editor for raw images... it works in a very different way from adobe's products, but the results are impressive, especially its black and white 'filters'