Friday, September 06, 2013

Sony Smartwatch 2

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Sony’s SmartWatch 2 is a £129, good looking water-resistant Android watch that is meant as a second screen for any Android 4.0 phone. It lets you read texts and emails as well as check social media without having to take your phone out of your pocket.

The SmartWatch 2's body is made from aluminium painted black with a machined edge showing off the silver beneath. It’s a good-looking, industrial design utilising the round power button used on the range of Xperia phones and tablets. All other controls are via the touch screen, with the usual Android back, home and menu touch buttons at the bottom.

The transflective 1.6-inch LCD screen is bright enough to be viewed even on the sunny day we got our hands on it and is just about big enough to use comfortably. It’s only 220 x 176 pixels which on the 1.6-inch amounts to 176 PPI. That’s not an amazing resolution by any stretch, but text is legible enough, although pixels are clearly visible.

It features Bluetooth 3, NFC for easy pairing and microUSB charging and data transfer. The microUSB is covered by a flap to ensure the SmartWatch 2 retains its IP 57 water-resistant rating.

Gentle vibrations make you aware of new notifications which you can check. There is also the ability to answer and reject calls or use the watch as a viewfinder to take photos via a paired phone. There’s no microphone or speaker.

The Sony SmartWatch 2 is always on and can last for up to 4 days under normal usage conditions.

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