Thursday, August 01, 2013

Cocoon Grid-It Slim

core 77 reports: [edited]

The GRID-IT organiser first caused a stir when it hit the market some years ago. It was an affordable and clever way to bring order to chaos. The seemingly-randomly-placed elastic straps belie the object's ability to organise whatever you want, in whatever order you want it.

My only gripe with the thing was that it was somewhat awkward to pull in and out of bags, with accidental friction causing some items to snag or shift, thus ruining my organizational OCD masterpiece. For that reason I stopped using mine. But Cocoon Innovations has now finally integrated the GRID-IT into its own bag, the SLIM.

Available exclusively through their website and Apple, the $80 SLIM is kitted out with de rigueur materials - water-resistant ballistic nylon and waterproof zippers - but it's got that sweet GRID-IT built-in behind the front flap, while the secondary compartment closer to your back holds your laptop/tablet. It ain't gonna hold your gym stuff, but for folks like me who are fans of slim bags (it's just 3.5" thick) this is looking like a home run.

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