Friday, July 12, 2013

New Century Global Center

The Huffinton Post reports: [edited]

Where can you spend a day at work, do some serious shopping, sleep in a five-star hotel, go ice skating, swimming AND tanning without ever stepping outside?

At the New Century Global Center, in Chengdu, China.

The recently opened city-sized structure is being called the "world's largest standalone structure" by Chinese officials.

According to the Independent, the complex measures roughly 1.7 million square meters. It is approximately the size of Monaco, could hold 20 Sydney Opera Houses and is three times the size of the Pentagon Building in Washington, D.C.

Beyond just offering office spaces, shopping, and entertainment in the form of a 14-screen IMAX movie theater, the building also boasts two, 1,000-room five-star hotels, "Paradise Island" water park, an artificial beach that can accommodate 6,000 people and a faux sun that will shine 24 hours a day. A giant LED screen mimics shoreline and ocean.

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