Monday, June 10, 2013

Nikon Coolpix A

Digital Photography Review have published a comparitive review of Nikon's £840 high-end APS-C compact against Ricoh's £600 GR

Conclusion snippets follow:

"Nikon has brought its mass-market expertise to make a camera that offers the same simplified interface and pleasant JPEGs that underpin its popular entry-level DSLRs."

"The Coolpix A JPEGs have the pleasant color response of the company's DSLRs, as well as offering the clever Active D-Lighting processing option for getting well-balance images straight out of the camera. Low light performance is also good."

"While many photographers will be very happy with it, a considerable portion of its thunder is stolen by the Ricoh GR - a camera that achieves the unusual trick of being a touch better in almost every respect while also being significantly cheaper."

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