Monday, May 20, 2013

Pixelmator 2.2

9to5Mac has published a review of one of the best budget (£10.50) Mac image editors.

Snippets follow:

"Pixelmator 2.2 focuses heavily on shapes and vector drawing options. The new Shape Style palette lets you set and tweak a variety of different settings on your shape. From the Shape Styles palette, you can edit properties such as fill and stroke colors, stroke size, drop shadow, inner shadow, and more."

"Any text, from full sentences to individual letters, can be turned into a shape, making it much easier than before to work with fonts and type. Once you’ve turned text into a shape, all of the same shape style properties that are applicable to normal shapes are available to your text shape as well, meaning it’s now really simple to create great looking, stylized type, right in Pixelmator."

"Pixelmator 2.2 gains a new retro Light Leak Effect, which contains 8 customizable Light Leaks, each offering a unique look and sliders for adjusting the intensity.These new effects are great for pictures that you want to a retro feel."

"Pixelmator 2.2 includes many other small tweaks, including an improved Type Tool, new gradient presets, improved Drawing Toools, the ability to copy a shape’s style to another shape, as well as some much welcomed performance improvements."

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