Friday, May 03, 2013

Joby Grip Tight Micro Stand

Digital Photography Review Connect reports: [edited]

The Grip Tight Micro Stand is small enough to carry it in your jeans pocket or even use as a key fob. Yet it's a nicely made and sturdy mini-tripod that firmly holds your smartphone in place and allows you to easily adjust the shooting angle.

The Grip Tight Micro Stand is two products. The Grip Tight is a foldable spring-loaded smartphone holder that screws on to any standard size tripod mount. The Micro Stand is a foldable micro-tripod that can be combined with the Grip Tight but also works well with compact cameras. The mount's socket joint is stiff enough to even hold larger models, such as a Micro Four Thirds camera with a kit lens.

It works well as a table tripod but doubles as a smartphone stand for watching videos or conducting Skype calls.

Price £25.00

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