Thursday, March 28, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs. iPhone 5

Gizmag has published a balanced comparison

Snippets follow:

"Though the iPhone 5's face is larger than any previous iPhone, it’s much smaller than Samsung’s huge Galaxy Note II. The Note is 22 percent taller, 37 percent wider, and 24 percent thicker than Apple’s latest. The iPhone’s smaller size makes it easily pocketable and comfortable for anyone to hold. The Note II, meanwhile, offers a much larger display while still fitting (if just barely) in most pockets."

"The iPhone 5 is 38 percent lighter than the Note 2. But the difference in size-to-weight ratio is minor, considering the Note’s much larger surface."

"Do you want a small, discrete, just big enough display? Or do you want a screen that’s big enough that it potentially voids the need for a tablet? Those are essentially your choices here."

"The two phones employ different display technologies. The iPhone’s IPS screen provides great viewing angles and accurate color reproduction; the Note’s Super AMOLED screen has higher contrast and hyper-saturated colors."

"In terms of raw juice, the Note II’s battery trounces the iPhone’s. In terms of experience, it should also easily outlast the iPhone. In fact, the Note II offers some of the most impressive battery life of any smartphone.”

Here we have two über-popular devices, with two radically different approaches, created by two bitter rivals. The iPhone is simple, elegantly constructed, and minimalistic. The Galaxy Note II is a gigantic powerhouse that opens doors for productivity that Apple’s mobile devices can’t match.

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