Wednesday, February 20, 2013


The Telegraph reports: [edited]

The new HTC One features an entirely aluminium, unibody construction that feels surprisingly light in the hand yet packs a 4.7” screen with a pair of stereo speakers either side of it. The idea is to appeal to users who want to watch films and still hear them properly.

That audio comes from Beats, as it has with previous HTC models and in a few short tests it was impressive enough, even if in real life you’re far more likely to use the One with headphones. The 1080p screen offers 468ppi, compared to 306 for the Galaxy S3. Is the difference noticeable? Yes.

The 'Zoe' Camera takes a burst of shots around the time you know you want a picture, rather than from when you press the button. The effect is to give you more options and to let you compose a single shot from the best bits of what is actually in several images. HTC claims the sensor (f/2.0) captures 300 per cent more light. In my limited tests it certainly looked impressive, but not immediately amazingly better than excellent rivals such as the Nokia Lumia range.

Blinkfeed aggregates your social networks and the news into a single place. This feature means that an entire homescreen of your phone is replaced with a new paradigm, which looks remarkably like Windows Phone.

4G: only on EE: £69.99 on a £41 per month contract

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