Friday, January 04, 2013

PSB M4U 2 Noise-cancelling Headphones

Sound and Vision Magazine reports: [edited]

The M4U 2’s earpads are some of the most luscious we’ve encountered. The earcups swivel slightly to assure a good fit. Two detachable cables are provided, one with an inline control/microphone. A semi-hardshell case is included, along with one extra set of earpads. The noise-canceling has three modes: passive, active (internal amps on/NC off), and NC on.

It’s hard to describe the M4U 2’s sound because it’s so close to flawless and so free of an identifiable character. The bass sounds extremely smooth and tight, the mids are exceptionally clear, and the highs are rich and detailed. We were also shocked to hear how little difference there was in the sound when we switched among the passive, active, and NC modes.

Not only does the M4U 2 sound like a really great speaker, it sounds like a great speaker in a great listening room. The M4U 2 is competitive even with the best set of headphones I had on hand, HiFiMan’s $699 HE-500.

Price: £269

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