Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pogo Connect Bluetooth iPad Stylus

TUAW has produced a review of TenOne Design's $80 Bluetooth 4 stylus.

Snippets follow:

"Artists using the iPad to create their artworks now have a 'brush' that is like no other in terms of its flexibility, sensitivity and similarity to traditional artists tools."

"TenOne chose to use a readily available replaceable battery. The battery allegedly lasts for months, and when it loses charge it takes less than a minute to replace."

"The Pogo Connect uses the Bluetooth 4 standard to connect to your iPad, so it's primarily designed for the third-generation iPad. If you want to use the Pogo Connect with an earlier iPad and you have an iPhone 4S or 5, there's an App called Pogo Bridge that can be used to link your iPad 1 or 2 with the stylus."

"I found the sensitivity of the Pogo Connect to be light years beyond any other pressure-sensitive iPad stylus I've tried so far. The sole button works as an undo button."

"The LED in the undo button changes to approximate the color of the 'ink' that you're currently using. It's an amazing way to get the digital equivalent of a glance at the 'paint' on your 'brush'."

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