Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Aura Pack

DigInfoTV reports: [edited]

Belle Green Wise has developed Aura Pack, a film that helps to keep vegetables fresh. The freshness-preserving effect is achieved by controlling evaporation through molecular activity, and controlling excess respiration.

"Aura Pack has three features. The first concerns the fact that vegetables have a water content of at least 90%. As long as water isn't lost, they stay crisp and fresh. If vegetables are wrapped in this film, it's hard for water to evaporate.

The second feature of this film is, it controls respiration. Like people, vegetables take in oxygen and release CO2. The more congenial the environment, the more stable this process is, making it harder for vegetables to get bruised. In a pack, it's possible to create a congenial environment.

The third feature of Aura Pack is, it resists condensation, so it's hard for moisture to form. As I mentioned earlier, if vegetables don't lose water, it's hard for water droplets to form on the film."

Leafy vegetables like spinach can be kept fresh for 2-3 days longer with Aura Pack. In long-term storage, persimmons sealed in the film last for 3-4 months. It can also be used to adjust shipments, so persimmons picked in November can be eaten in April.

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