Friday, June 29, 2012

Z2300 Instant Digital Camera

Digital Photography Review reports: [edited]

A licensee of the Polaroid brand name has created the Z2300 Instant Digital Camera - a compact camera with built-in Zink printer. The Z2300 produces 2x3" prints using the Zink 'zero ink' system that uses heat to control the development of colour images from layers of dye encapsulated in specially prepared paper.

The Z2300 is distinguished from the existing, larger Z340 model by its use of the smaller 2x3" format, rather than 3x4". Like the Z340, the Z2300 can leave white borders around the image to imitate a classic Polaroid print. The 2x3" Zink paper in the Z2300 will be available at a cost of around $15/£10 for 30 sheets.

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