Thursday, June 21, 2012

Belkin WeMo

engadget reports: [edited]

Belkin has finally put its WeMo Switch and Motion products up for pre-order. You can reserve yours through Belkin or Amazon, with the Switch costing $49.99 and the Motion/Switch bundle setting you back $99.99.

Rig the Switch up to your WiFi at home and you can control the flow of juice from its outlet via the WeMo iOS app (sorry, no Android love). Add in the motion detector and you can set rules for power control based on proximity triggers.

Belkin also reports IFTTT integration, meaning the devices can be used for a lot more than the simple on/off remote commands and scheduling we originally thought. For those with iDevices, the free WeMo app is available now, not that it's particularly useful just yet.

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