Friday, March 30, 2012

G-HUB iPad Cover

I purchased the latest iPad. It is a wonderful thing, but the original iPad cover doesn't fit.

This cover came highly recommended on Amazon, and at a penny shy of a tenner, inc. p&p, I decided to give it a try.

- The 'carbon fibre' finish isn't too tacky.

- The iPad fits snugly in it.

- The closure magnet sleeps/wakes the iPad.

- The front flap folds to make a reasonably stable base.

And, inexplicably, you get a free ballpoint pen/screen stylus thrown in for nowt.

Available here.


Keith Seckel said...

Am eagerly awaiting tax returns before purchasing the newest iPad (my first!). I had planned on the red leather cover offerd through Apple (US$69) and so was intrigued by the link you offered for the G-Hub case.

Sadly, I do not see it offered in the US Amazon store -- the nearest model they offer is this one by "Snugg"

brett jordan said...

the snug was on my list, until i saw the price of the ghub!

Keith Seckel said...

A friend is visiting the UK next month and is willing to get the G-Hub for me whilst there -- is it available at retail outlets?

brett jordan said...

i don't think so, but if you give me an address to send it to, i'll order you one, and you can treat me to a drink the next time you're in the uk :-)

Keith Seckel said...

BRILLIANT! (and very generous too, I must add!)

I'll be glad to buy you a pint or three (and a wee dram, if you've a mind and a taste for a good Scottish single malt!)

Will send my post address by email!

Cheers Brett!

~ Keith