Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Clear for iPhone

TechCrunch reports: [edited]

Clear, the heavily-anticipated touch-based to-do list iPhone app, is now available from the iTunes App Store (69p).

Why the big draw for what’s typically been a rather ho-hum app category, the lowly to-do list? Clear is pure eye candy, for starters. But it’s also representative of a major leap forward in smartphone app design, as it’s been built from the ground up for the touch interface. The app is based solely on the use of now-common gestures: swipes, pulls and pinches.

With Clear, there are only a few gestures you need to in order to use the app: pull down on a list to add an item, swipe to the right to complete an item or to the left to delete it, pinch apart two items to insert a new one in between, and pinch vertically to close the current list and see all the lists in the app. Lists are colour-coded with a heat map to show the most pressing tasks at a glance.

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