Thursday, November 03, 2011

Jawbone Up

Mashable reports: [edited]

If Jawbone has its way, you’ll soon be wrapping this $99, bendable, waterproof gadget around your wrist, tracking your health with it — and hardly ever taking it off.

It syncs with Jawbone’s Up app for iPhone (an Android version is in the works) via an audio jack hidden under that silver cap at the end. It also charges via the audio jack, which you’ll need to plug into a USB connector every ten days or so.

What is the wristband tracking? In short: sleep and exercise. It looks for micro-movements at bedtime and can tell when you’ve fallen asleep. It will wake you with gentle vibrations in the morning instead of music or noise. It can track whether you’re in light or deep sleep, and will wake you within a certain window of time, when your sleep is at its lightest.

The Up will also track your movements throughout the day. It’ll capture all the little moments of exercise you don’t think you’re getting, as well as your deliberate workouts.

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Can Opener Boy said...

Would love one of these! I have a watch which vibrates for the alarm and I much prefer that gentle wake-up. For the thing to also track my micro movements and wake me at the right time, plus all the other stuff it will do? Wow! That's worth saving up for!