Monday, September 05, 2011

Samsung NX200

Digital Photography Review reports: [edited]

The Samsung NX200 is built around a completely new 20.3MP APS-C CMOS sensor and wrapped in the series' first all-metal body. The result is a handsome camera of similar size to Sony's NEX models.

The latest sensor uses architecture that includes integrated analogue-to-digital conversion (an approach Sony has used for some time now) that is intended to reduce noise.

Samsung has also re-worked the key elements that go in front of it - a redesigned color filter array to offer greater sensitivity and revised microlenses with smaller gaps between them to boost light capture, placed closer to the sensor so that they can better deal with the light reaching the edge of the sensor at very oblique angles from wide-angle lenses.

The NX200 also features a lighter anti-aliasing filter and advanced moiré-suppression processing.

For pre-production image samples, click here.

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