Friday, July 22, 2011

MacBook Airs updated

Lion already installed, significantly faster (Wired says they compete with the MacBook Pros), the backlit keyboard is, erm, back, and a Thunderbolt port. When the price of 480GB SSDs come down a bit (the SSD is replaceable), I'm going to be very tempted to replace my 17" MacBook Pro with the 13" MacBook Air.

Prices start at £849, but if you know anyone travelling to the States, they begin at $999 (£619) over the pond.

For everything Apple wants you to know about them click here.


Brook Terence Clive Jordan-McArdle said...

To clarify,
they compete with the 'OLD' macbook pros.

They're comparing last years pros to this years airs.

Still pretty funky.

brett jordan said...

thanks for that brook, will have to check some of the more objective benchmarks as they are released...